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#'s Writing Workshops Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the online workshops work?
    Each lesson is posted on Monday, and is left online for a week, (when the next lesson goes up) so you can access it as often as you like. You will have a login ID and password to access your lesson. All lessons are taught online and there is no printed material.

  • Is there homework?
    Yes! Your weekly assignments will usually be due to me via email by each Friday so that I can review it on the weekend and get back to you before the next lesson is posted. The assignments are brief and fun and will help you to practice the elements of writing we are working on each week. They will also enable me to give input on your progress. *For the Get Published workshop, you will be working on a bigger project, so the assignments will be a little more in-depth than with the other workshops.

  • What if we have questions during the workshop?
    All workshop students are welcome to email me at any time with any questions, or if you just need a "sounding board" or input about your writing projects! I want you to feel free to be in touch during your workshop whenever you need me!

  • Will other students see my work or questions?
    All assignments and projects are kept private. Nothing you share with me is ever shared with anyone else. Ever! (In the Get Published workshop, there is one week where your questions are posted, but that is voluntary and anonymous and only questions sent in for that forum are posted.)

  • Will taking a workshop help my "regular" job?
    Yes! Regardless of your professional field, furthering your writing skills and creativity will improve your work performance! You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your workshop and can include your workshops with me on your resume - a definite bonus!

  • What if I'm not sure which workshop to take?
    Email me! I am happy to assess your writing and guide you to the best workshop for you. We can work together to figure out your goals and needs and get you started!

For more questions or help getting registered, feel free to email Susan Farr Fahncke


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