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There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.  - George Sand  


Will You Be Listening?

By Amy Rolfs



I made my weekly trip to the post office today. I love going there. It’s one of those small town post offices where everyone knows everybody. I didn’t grow up in this area and really haven’t been here long so I don’t know many of the folks in this community. You know what they say, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet”. I think that’s why I like going to the post office so much. Seems that each time I’m there, I meet another “friend”.


People fascinate me: how they think, how they feel, where they’re going, where they’ve been. I believe that each of us serve as Gods messengers. Occasionally we’re aware of it, but many times we pass along His messages without even realizing it. So, I tend to pay real close attention to the people I come in contact with and what they have to say. I’m not one to believe in coincidences. I believe that each person that crosses my path, does so at just the right time and for just the right purpose. Sometimes they’re in our lives for a longer period of time and sometimes it’s only for a brief moment in passing. What’s amazing to me are the people that just pass through. In that brief moment they can carry a message with them that can impact your life… but only if you listen.


Today, I was listening. Today, I met one of those special messengers. His name was Charlie. He was an elderly man in his 90’s. At first glance he seemed so frail, walking very slowly, appearing weak and tired. That was just his shell though… the body he’s resided in for so many years. It didn’t take me long to see how strong his spirit was. It lit up the room and spread a blanket of warmth that seemed to touch everyone within reach. What truly captivated me was when he started talking about his wife. The love just poured out with every word. The respect, admiration, the look in his eyes as he spoke about her… there are no words to eloquently describe it. It’s the kind of love everyone hopes to have one day.


I’ve witnessed enough relationships to know that this kind of love does exist. Listening to Charlie today reaffirmed that… it gave me hope all over again. He talked about the day he and his wife first met and how he said to himself, “She’s going to be my wife one day”. He said that the minute he first set eyes on her he somehow knew, in the deepest part of his soul, that they would spend the rest of their lives together. He talked about who he was before she came into his life and who he became after she entered. Charlie said, “everything I am, I owe to her”. Oh, life wasn’t always rosey for them, he assured. They experienced more than their share of hard times and it wasn’t always easy. And then he looked me straight in the eyes and although he was talking to a room full of people, for that moment, I felt like Charlie was talking to only me… he said, “When you love someone, when you really, truly love someone, the pain and the struggles that life throws you… it’s never too much. When love and God are the core of the bond that you share, then you can get through anything.”


I want to be loved like that. Everyone deserves to love and be loved like that. Not the kind of love that “completes” you… although very romantic, I never agreed with that. But rather the kind of love where you go into it complete… whole… but then find that because of this love, you’ve grown in ways you could never imagine. The love that goes beyond understanding. It’s a love that you not only share with each other, but even more importantly with God… knowing that something this powerful can only really come from HIM. And I realized that listening to Charlie – it wasn’t the love that he had for his wife that touched me so much. But rather it was the love that he and his wife had for God that amazed me. It was God’s love that poured out of him as he talked to all of us today. It’s BECAUSE of God’s love that he and his wife had shared this beautiful life together.


I’ve learned a lot of things these past couple of years. I look back at all that’s happened - so many changes. There were times I felt like the rug was ripped right out from under me. I couldn’t understand why it seemed as if all the things I cared most about – needed to be taken away. So much lost these past years. Why? What’s the message? What am I missing? Then it finally dawned on me… all these things I lost, all these things that ended… kept bringing me right back to where it all began... right back to God and Me. That’s the message. I finally get that. Ya hear that God… I finally get it! It all must begin with YOU and me first. The love towards myself, the love towards God, and accepting entirely, above all else… His love for me. Before anything else, that must happen first. Sometimes I guess I need to lose everything in order to find myself and God. Until I do that… I have nothing.


I don’t pretend to know everything or to suddenly have it all figured out. But I know one thing for sure and that is that God will continue to send Charlie, and all His other messengers, to help us along the way. The question is… will you be listening?

© Amy Rolfs ~ October 16, 2006


I am 38 years old and live in Bloomington, Illinois with my two dogs: Kayla and Angus. There have been so many changes in my life these last two and a half years and sometimes I wonder what end is up. But I'm learning to turn everything over to God and trust that what's meant to be will be and that all things happen for a reason. Through all of lifes uncertainty, my faith just continues to get stronger and stronger. You can read my stor This Little Light of Mine & others on my HeartWriters profile here: .


The Letter Box:

Dear Kathe Campbell,

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your story, "The Bloom on Her Heart".  What a touching story and one I dearly needed to read today.

God bless you, Mariann in FL

Dear 2TheHeart,

What a great story by Kathe Campbell today! 2TheHeart never fails to lift my spirits and make my day better - this story is no different! Thanks for blessing my life.

Love, Carol


I have been deeply touched by many of your stories and have never taken the time to say "thankyou". 2TheHeart is the best web site out there and often I go back and re-read stories in your archives when I need a boost or peace in my day. You bring such beauty to this world - thankyou!

Blessings, Emily Wester, UK

Kathe - Loved your latest story and look forward to more! Also, a note to you, Susan and Nancy ---- I bought Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul and feel like I know three of its authors from your stories on 2TheHeart over the years. I am thrilled to own this book! Keep writing, all of you!  God bless you---- Minnie

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