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January 26, 2004 - "His Messengers" by Candace Auth
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This story just grabbed my heart! I witnessed this manifestation of God's love through His earthly angels, first with my little sister from our 2TheHeart members and Chemo Angels, and now I see it daily through the great love and service of our own Angels2TheHeart! THIS is what it means to do God's work for Him!

"His Messengers"
by Candace Auth

My bedroom wall was so covered with greeting cards I could barely find space for another one. "I pray that God will hold your hand every step of the way," I read, recognizing a friend's handwriting. "Get well soon." I made room by moving a card from my sister, and one from a friend. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer four months earlier, I'd received cards from just about every friend and family member I had. I taped them to the wall, and they seemed to smile at me, providing blessings in the middle of the night, when I needed them most.

I turned off the lights and lay in bed staring into the darkness. The bedroom fan seemed to click in rhythm to my thoughts. I'd already survived a mastectomy and a round of chemotherapy, but I was still far from cured. The next day I'd begin a new treatment. Suddenly I felt weak and frightened. How could I go through that again? Lord, I prayed, I feel so alone.

A cool breeze from the fan blew across my face and rustled the cards on the wall. I glanced over at them. In the darkness, they seemed to flutter, rising up and down as gentle and comforting as angels' wings. I'm not alone, I thought. I was in God's hands, and surrounded by the hands of all the loved ones who'd sent these cards. I fell asleep that night knowing that they would be there to support me through whatever trials lay ahead of me, every step of the way.

Candace wrote this originally in 2003 for the magazine "Angels On Earth", a branch of Guideposts. She lives in Westlake, Ohio. You may contact her through 2theheart at editor@2theheart. To become one of "His Messengers" through Angels2TheHeart, click here to learn about our wonderful organization!



The Letter Box:

Mary Ellen's "Love to Last a Lifetime" reminds me of what it's supposed to be like. Inspirational to the end. Thanks Mark Crider

Dear Meg........

Sweet and tender love story yesterday, written as only you can. At first I was hoping it was a story about you, but obviously you know this couple intimately enough to write of their great love. Where there's a will, -------, and there was, and still is. Kathe Campbell

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