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January 28, 2003 - "Angel in My Path" by Judy Spikes



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Today's story of a little bitty angel seems to follow the theme of yesterday's story.... God sends us to do His work and show His love for us! Watch for another story from Ellie Braun-Haley in keeping with this marvelous message!

"Angel in My Path"
by Judy Spikes

As far back as I can remember I was a lonely child. Although I was the youngest of four children, being the "baby of the family" did not give me any special privileges or extra attention. In fact, just the opposite occurred.

To my mother's way of thinking, I was too little to help around the house. Her time and energy was focused upon housekeeping, not upon her youngest daughter, while my father ignored me most of the time - his job and hobbies coming first.

Then there were my siblings. My oldest sister was seven years my senior, next came our brother, but of course he wasn't going to play with a girl! Then there was my other sister, who was only two years older than I, but somehow we were not close during those young years.

One day, when I was five years old, I ventured a couple of blocks up the street, where most of the neighborhood children congregated to play. Few cars traveled our streets back then, so we could use the streets for our playground most of the time.

That day was a turning point in my life. I met my first angel. Oh, I did not know at the time what God was doing, but looking back now I can see his divine hand at work.

She had soft, golden-colored hair that hugged her cherubic countenance, and green eyes filled with love and acceptance as she smiled at me. She was beautiful, and as if that wasn't enough, she had a new bike without training wheels, and she was willing to share it with me!

The new bike was wonderful, but my young heart was more elated to have a friend, someone who actually liked me, someone who accepted me, someone who thought I was special!

I hugged this new wonder to my heart in secret, afraid to tell my family about her. Surely if they knew, they would take her and her new bike away. I was sure they would not think that I deserved such a special friend in my life.

It wasn't long before my angel invited me to her house to play. There she had other toys and was willing to share them with me! I knew I would have to ask my mother's permission, for I knew that my angel and I could not play in the street forever.

Screwing up my courage, I asked my mother for permission and to my elation, she said yes! I ran from the house to tell my friend, a relieved smile stretching across my face from ear to ear.

Soon she invited me to church, so almost every Sunday morning I would ride with her and her mother. My little angel was the first person in my life to tell me about God's love for me.

Through the years we had loads of fun, our active imaginations never letting us down. We would play dress up, parading up and down the street in her mother's old clothes and high-heel shoes, or pretend we were Captain Video and his Video Rangers! Each day was a new wonder, as we developed and grew into the young teenagers we soon became.

God has put other angels in my path through the years, but none more needed.

We are grown now, with children of our own. After our marriages, we were not fortunate enough to live in the same area, but that does not matter. Our bond cannot be broken, no matter what.

God put us together when I most needed an angel and a friend, for you see, at times, God reaches out to us with loving arms. the loving arms of human contact.

Judy Spikes Copyright 2003

Judy Spikes and her husband, Jimmie, live in the Northeastern corner of Louisiana. They have three grown children, and seven grandchildren. Judy loves the challenge of writing both fiction and true life experiences that God has walked her through. Many things bring her joy such as writing, music, reading, and joyful laughter. You can read Judy's previous story "The Winged Messenger" in our archives!


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Dear Candace,
I pray that your cancer has gone into remission and that your life is truly blessed! I am a breast cancer survivor and I know firsthand the difference knowing people care can make! I have since joined Angels2TheHeart and what it truly amazing to me is that the joy of sending the cards and care packages is even GREATER than the joy I got receving them! Your story was so perfect - thank you and God bless you! Sincerely, Joan - Angels2TheHeart

Dear 2TheHeart,
The story about Candace and the cards reminding her of God's love for us channeling through US is so important. I'm a nurse, mainly working with cancer patients. I see the huge difference between the patients who have little to no love and support and the ones who get cards, flowers, little reminders of love. It truly heals them inside. I encourage everyone on your 2theheart list to keep this in mind and to reach out. A little kindness can work miracles. Janet Evans, RN PS - When my work load lightens, I too will join Angels2TheHeart!

Susan,I LOVED THE STORY BY CANDACE. It really does touch the heart doesn't it! GOD knew what Candace needed even before her words were uttered. He heard her. - Ellie Braun-Haley

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