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This will be our last week at 2TheHeart for a few months.  I have recently learned that my baby, Ian, has some medical problems that require intense daily physical therapy and other treatment and that, coupled with Noah's ongoing speech therapy and getting our family ready to move out of state, I need to put 2TheHeart, my workshops and my writing on hold and focus on my family for a while.  I will be sending one or two more stories this week and will return again in a few months.  I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and strength right now, as I am more overwhlemed than I have ever been in my life. 

I hope that this wonderful story by Annettee lifts your heart as it did mine!  Be sure to write to us if her story touched you! (You can do that by replying to this email.)

Blessings, Susan Farr-Fahncke


"When Duty Calls" 

by Annettee Budzban

 " Each one should use whatever gift he has to serve others." ---1 Peter 4:10 ( NIV)

       It was a warm summer evening. I had finished a full day working my shift as a nurse. I was glad to have an evening to relax after a stressful day of Dr's. orders, beepers signaling, and requests overloading my senses. I loved being a nurse and serving others, but I was glad when my shift was over and had some time to call my own.

    After finishing supper and stacking the dishes in the dishwasher, I felt the desire to take a walk and enjoy the sights and warmth of the summer. So I called a friend and invited her to come along.  She readily accepted my invitation and said she'd be over sometime soon. She too, was an angel of mercy. Oftentimes, we enjoyed each other's friendship while we strolled through the neighborhood gabbing a mile-a-minute sharing our troubles and triumphs over our hectic workloads.

                Walking down the paved side streets of our community there wasn't much traffic so we were able to relax and enjoy a pleasant stroll. The sights of the varieties of colorful flowers planted on the neighbors manicured lawns, filled our senses with peace and serenity. 
              We ventured by the small pond close by, where occasionally a frisky green frog  may jump past. The sound of chirping crickets filled the air, as they played hide and seek in the deep green grass. Just seeing, and hearing some of God's tiny creatures brought a warmth and refreshment to the weary soul.

          I was enjoying my time away from the demands of patient assessments and critical decision making. I didn't want anything to interrupt this time of replenishment. But i t was almost dusk and we decided it was time to call it a day. As we walked to my driveway, something inside of me decided to extend this walk a little bit longer. I asked my friend if she would mind going up to the near-by highway and back, before bringing our time to a close.

          She couldn't resist one more lap on this beautiful night, herself. So we ventured toward the end of the block hoping to extend a few more moments of peace and tranquility. We slowly walked towards the highways edge, until we were within earshot of the noise of traffic. Then we turned around and started back toward my house. We'd only gone about 100 feet when we heard the squeal of car tires coming to a screeching halt. Our heads turned simultaneously to look behind us. The sound of screams filled the air, and people were running out of the restaurant close by to see what had happened. Our hearts pounding, and adr enaline pumping, my friend and I made a quick bee-line for the highway to offer help to anyone in need.

            Approaching the crowd, we identified ourselves as nurses and offered to help. As the crowd parted to let us in, I spotted a young boy lying on the pavement with his bicycle by his side. The car only a foot or so away from him signaled to my mind what had just happened. The woman who was driving the car was screaming frantically. My friend quickly took over and tried to comfort and calm the hysterical woman. I bent down next to the boy's side to check his pulse and respirations. He was still breathing, but lay unconscious. I hovered over his small body to protect him from anyone moving him, and observe for any signs of change that would signal CPR was needed.

         I could hear the blast of sirens, as the ambulance quickly approached the scene of the accident. As the paramedics arrived and jumped out of their vehicle, my friend and I backed away from the scene. A bit shaken by what had just happened, we walked back to my house and decided it was time to bring our evening to a close. 

           Inside my house, I could hear the twirling noise of a helicopter overhead. I looked out the door to see the "Flight for Life" copter circling above looking for a place to land. I knew they had been called to airlift the accident victim to a trauma hospital.

             My mind pondered over the events of the evening. I realized that as soon as my ears heard the sounds of those screeching tires, I had a decision to make. I could dull my senses to the sound of someone in need and continue on my path of comf ort and relaxation; or with a servant's heart, I could seize the opportunity to use my God-given gift of nursing to save someone in trouble.

             I felt a sense of fulfillment and peace warm my heart, that I chose to come to the aid of this young boy. I believe that night was a divine test to see if I would put my own agenda aside, and respond to the self-less call of duty.


Annettee Budzban  copyright 2006

Annettee Budzban is a freelance writer and newspaper religion columnist. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies including the 2TheHeart book.  Her book Inspirations to Restore Your Soul is available in bookstores and online bookstores. Her e-mail address is

Making a difference, one story at a time!

    Making a difference, one story at a time!