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Susan Farr Fahncke has her writing featured in over seventy books, but her proudest work is Angel's Legacy, the true story of her hero. She created the inspirational website, 2TheHeart in 1998. Susan teaches online writing workshops and runs the greatest volunteer group on earth: Angels2TheHeart, which was founded upon a promise made with her sister, Angel. Susan is mother to five children, six fur-babies, and lives with her husband, Marty, in America's heartland.  She is working on two upcoming book projects, and you can see more of her work on her personal page at 2TheHeart.

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Angel's Legacy
How Cancer Changed a Princess into an Angel



What would you do if this was your last year on earth? What if someone you couldn't live without had only one year? How would you live that year? What would your own legacy be?

Angel's Legacy is a finding of what really matters and also what doesn't.  It is having peace amid pain. It is having faith despite fear and loving others above yourself. Her legacy shows you how to be happy, despite your own personal pain and challenges. 

We have all been impacted by cancer. Some of us have battled it. Others have walked alongside loved ones in their own battle. Angel was a warrior, whose fight with cancer changed her for the better. Her indomitable spirit blessed everyone she met. With deep compassion and gratitude, Angel lived each day with great caring for others. Her joyous love for others and for life left a great many lessons for us all. 

Whether you are a cancer warrior, a caregiver, or if you love someone fighting for their life, Angel's Legacy is for you.

Her story will lift you and find you asking yourself, what will your legacy be? 

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Angel’s Legacy gives new meaning to the term “Holy Ground.”  One cannot travel through these pages without experiencing what God’s love must be like. - Joan Wester Anderson, New York Times Best Selling Author, Where Angels Walk

Angel was larger than life and my inspiration. God shared her with us for a short time but she will live forever in the hearts of so many. –Jane Ludwig

Angel’s Legacy, and its lessons, I’ll treasure always. – Anne Goodrich, Author and Graphic Designer

Angel is a true inspiration! – David Hughes, AK

One adjective that describes Angel is RESILIENT. She had a contagious zest for everything in her life's journey. - Sandi Pound, FL

Angel's Legacy gave me a peek into Heaven and showed me what a perfect, glorious place we will all one day be headed. I will never forget all that Angel showed me and will read this book again and again. - Geena M., 2TheHeart subscriber
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