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"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
-- Clarence Budington Kelland


I am excited to share a story by a very dear friend of mine today! This is Jo's second published story - please be sure to write in about it!   Also, I found the author of our last 2TheHeart story, "The Cab Ride"! Thanks to Annie for sending the author's name and website! This info is now listed with his story in our archives.  Enjoy today's beautiful lesson in love by Jo Skierski!

“Care Packages”
 by Jo Skierski
     Growing up, my Father always protected me. He was always there for me. Even as I grew older, married and moved out of his home, he always checked on me. (I just moved down the street.) He would come by and ask if I was ok, and I would always tell him I was. I would try my hardest to convince him as he persisted asking me if I had gas money and groceries in the cabinet. (He could tell when I was lying).  I was used to this routine and would sometimes become irritated by it. Why won't he just let me grow up? Do it on my own, I would think to myself.  

     Every now and then - more often than not, I would hear that familiar knock at my door. When I opened the door, I was not surprised to see the huge box balancing on his shoulder and to hear his booming voice calling out, “care package!”. Then he quickly sat it down on my kitchen table, kissed me and said he had to run.

     After he left, I would excitedly look through the box and find things like hamburger, spaghetti, sauce, crackers and cheese, lunch meat and bread, even toilet paper. All of these items were precious when times were tough and money was tight. He usually included some item that wasn't a necessity at all, like ice cream or a box of chocolate chip cookies - something to indulge in and take your mind off your problems for just a little while. Other times there might be an envelope stuck down in the box with a ten or twenty dollar bill.

     My Mother was also involved with the “care packages”. She would carefully help select the items to be included in the box. A lot of the items came right from her own cabinets. She especially loved fixing the packages for the grand kids. My Father did too!   

     When all of the gifts my Father had brought me were put up in their proper places, I would sit at my table and cry. Tears of gratefulness flowed down my face for the love my father had for me. He was this way with all four of his children.

     My father has been gone for almost ten years now. The “care package” tradition carries on in my family to this day. When I visit my Mother, she always has a “care package” ready for me. My big brother and I have passed them back and forth almost every time we have seen each other. Today, if a need arose, I am sure a “care package” would be delivered.

     As I think back on those days, and of the special packages my Father gave me, it’s the LOVE in those boxes that I miss the most. I truly believe the "care packages" prepared for me all those times are what helped me through many tough times and still give me hope to this very day.


Jo Skierski  copyright 2009

  I am Jo Skierski and I volunteer as an Angel Mentor for Angels2theHeart. I also have one story published on 2TheHeart - "Hope and Joy". My email address is  Contact me anytime!




The Letter Box:

Re: The Cab Ride:

Sue, I hope in my lifetime or at the end of it that a cab driver like that picks me up for my final touch with humanity. Such a wonderful heartfelt and meaningful story of love. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Love Francine Pucillo
Dear 2TheHeart,
The Cab Ride is one of the best stories I have read in a long time! 2TheHeart always publishes the very best stories and I always find my life impacted by them! Thank you for yet another memorable one! God bless you, Margaret H., Tuscon, AZ
The Cab Ride really melted my heart. What a dear man and what an honor for him to be a part of that woman's day. He did the right thing and I agree - a most important thing. I look forward to seeing more of 2theheart again. I have missed you! -Michael T.
Dear Susan, WOW! I am still crying from reading the Cab Ride. What a beautiful story. I am very happy to know 2theheart will be coming more often again. I know you are a busy lady and you do make a difference in my life. God bless, Geena
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