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It's that time of the year again! It's time for our annual 2TheHeart Summertime Poetry Contest!

The 2005 Poetry Contest rules are as follows:

2005 2TheHeart Poetry Contest Rules and Prizes:


1st Place winner will receive $50, a 2TheHeart "Fun Pack" (T-Shirt, mug, bumper sticker and 2TheHeart candy bar), "2004 Poet's Market" book, award certificate, and publication on

2nd Place winner will receive a 2TheHeart "fun pack", award certificate and publication on

3rd Place winner will receive a 2TheHeart T-Shirt, award certificate and publication on

Finalists will receive 2TheHeart bumper stickers and publication on

Honorable Mentions will receive publication on


All entries must be owned and written by the entrants. Plagiarism will result in appropriate legal action.

All poems not previously having won as any type of finalist in prior 2TheHeart Poetry Contest are eligible.

Poetry can be any length and style, but must be submitted in the following format:

-Within the body of the email (No attachments will be accepted)

-Subject line must state "POETRY CONTEST"

-Title, full name and email address at top of entry

-You may enter as many times as you like, but each entry must be in a separate email.

Deadline to enter 2005 2TheHeart Poetry Contest September 15. Winners will be announced October 1 on No exceptions will be made for the contest guidelines. Send all entries to

*For complete contest information, visit this page:




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