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August 23, 2004 - "Getting Even - TRY IT!" by Sharon Davies



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"Getting Even - TRY IT!"
by Sharon A. Davis

Years ago someone sent me a pretty wicker basket with polished wooden apples in it. The note read, "To Super Woman"; that was all. I wanted to thank the mystery giver, but after asking for a week I became resigned that I'd probably never learn who had been so thoughtful.

Then I had an idea. There were 12 apples in the basket. When I did a kindness for someone?anonymously if possible?I would take one apple out of the basket and set it aside. When I had performed 12 acts of kindness and taken all the apples out of the basket, I would feel that I had thanked my unknown friend.

As the weeks passed, the basket began to empty. Then I noticed something else: I became more aware of nice things others did for me. So I added a twist. The next time I received a kindness, I put an apple back into the basket. Gradually, my determination to empty the basket was foiled! For you see, all these years later, I'm still trying to empty it.

Sharon A. Davis

Sharon lives in Spanish Fork, Utah, where she spreads seeds of kindness almost as often as she receives them!



The Letter Box:

Dear Fred - Thanks for the pass it on story. YEP The bible does speak to us, and sometimes OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!! as it did to me one day when I was complaining about the electricity going out in the new house we bought and my husband was out of town at the time. It was cold out and I needed the furnace to be working. I read and heard the Lord say "The battle is not yours but mine." and sure enough I had heat. AND Today I plan to pass on one of my bibles that is collecting dust in a corner of my home. Gods Blessings Mary Carol

Tell Fred that's a wonderful story. What a good idea!! Pam

Dear 2theheart,
I was so impressed with "Pass Me On"! I have two old bibles that are special, so I have hung on to them, even though I use another, newer one now. I now plan to find just the "right" homes for these bibles and thank you for this wonderful idea! Sincerely, Nena Blackhardt

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