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Dad and Me June 2004


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I gave a makeover this weekend, so check it out and let me know what you think! I wrote today's story about my dad, and you can see a picture of my handsome father and me above!

"I Love You Because..."
by Susan Farr Fahncke

It was Dad's turn for the "I love you because" box. We recently started a weekly tradition in our home where we choose a family member and throughout the week, the rest of us write little notes to him or her, listing the reasons we love them. We place the notes in the "I love you because" box and the following week, that person gets to read their own little "heart boosting" notes. It's been a wonderful experience and has helped each of us to feel more loved and to also be surprised by the little reasons why we are loved.

This week my dad flew out to Utah so that he could be with my sister and me for Father's Day, and in celebration, we chose him to be the "I love you because" recipient.

Dad has lived far away for years, so it's been difficult to know him as well as I'd like to. Two months ago he fell off his roof, seriously injuring himself, and as a result, I spent a couple of weeks helping him heal and getting to know him in completely new ways. Seeing my dad hurting opened my eyes to the kind of person he is. I saw great courage in him that I had never noticed before. I saw humor at times when I would have been lacking it. It was actually a wonderful time of closeness for us both, and one we now treasure. It also opened up a whole new world of reasons why I love my dad.

This week, as I began to write my "I love you because" notes, I was often moved to tears as I reflected on the many reasons I love him. My first note to him reads:

Dear Dad,
I love you because you are a hard worker! You work extra hard to make sure the job is done right. Thank you! Love, Sooz

I watched my dad and my husband install new wood floors in my kitchen and realized how hard he has worked his entire life. He instilled in me this same work ethic and I am only now understanding what a precious gift this is as I raise my own children.

Dear Dad,
I love you because you have taught me that a sense of humor can make anything better. When you were hurt and I came to take care of you, to be honest I was scared. I had never seen my dad "need" anything before. You seemed so vulnerable and your pain was unbearable for me. This was a new situation for us both, but I grew to admire you even more for your courage and for your sense of humor throughout. That morning I walked into your room just as you were getting up out of the chair and I scared you so bad you screamed had us both laughing so hard we couldn't even breathe! I know it made your broken ribs hurt, but still, you laughed. It still makes me giggle, picturing you with your cane held high, shrieking and then immediately collapsing into fits of laughter with me. I love you because we can laugh together. Love, Sooz

I wrote this one after last night's terrifying ordeal that had me up on the bathroom counter and my dad (and my daughter) in hysterics on the living room floor. The following one I wrote after a night at the park with our family...

Dear Dad,
I love you because you are brave and still kill big, scary spiders for me! (Even though it turned out to be plastic, still, it was really scary!) It's nice to know that my daddy will still be my protector! Love, Sooz

PS - It looked real - it did! Stop laughing.

Dear Dad,
I love you because you tonight you did something I have never seen you do in my thirty-nine years. You took my little Noah's hand and went down the slide at the park with him. Over and over again! And then, when you challenged me to do the same, I refused, but offered a counter-challenge which I never thought you'd take on. Noah was rolling down the grass hill and I told you, if you rolled down the hill with him, I would go on the slide. I never in a million years thought you'd go for it, but you did! I couldn't believe it when you dropped to the ground and rolled right down into Noah.

I was so embarrassed on that slide, but we laughed so hard - it was well worth it! And so, I love you because you are fun and spontaneous - another trait I didn't realize I got from you! Love, Sooz

As Father's Day approaches tomorrow, we are all painfully aware of someone who will not be there. My little sister passed away from a brain tumor three years ago, and I know especially tomorrow, her absence is felt deeply by Dad.

Dear Dad,
I am so grateful to have you with us this year for Father's Day. Lisa and I are so happy to have our dad with us for the first time in many Father's Days! I know how much you miss Angel. I miss her too. This holiday will never be the same without her contagious laughter and the three of us teasing you.

But I want you to know that I love you so much because you took such good care of her when she was fighting. You fought every step of the way with her and she loved you for it. You were at her side all the way and the sacrifices you made in order to be there meant so much to her. Your tenderness with her and your fierce love for her helped ease her way to Heaven. You gave her so many happy memories to take with her and you were remarkable. I want you to know what a difference you made.

I love you because of your great love for us. I love you for so many reasons, but mostly because you are a wonderful father and we are lucky to call you Dad.

Happy Father's Day with love,

Susan Farr Fahncke copyright 2004

I am the founder of 2TheHeart and Angels2TheHeart and am truly blessed by both! I also teach online writing workshops and am the author and co-author of many books. To read more of my writing, visit my page at 2TheHeart


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The Letter Box:

Dear Betty King,
My grandma passed away two years ago and I still have warm fuzzy memories of her - I pray I can carry on those warm fuzzy's to my grandchildren. Thank you for 'tugging' at my heart! Julie Dyer (Indiana)

Nice story from Betty on Pennies from Granny. There are many who say if you find a penny, it is a message from an angel, so when Betty finds pennies quite likely it is her granny, just sending another message of love. The story had a nice easy pace, full of love. thanks for the story. Ellie Braun-Haley, Canada

Dear Betty,
Your granny was a special lady. Your story reminded me of my grand-dad. My grandmother had died very young and he never remarried, so he seemed very lonely, even to me as a child. But he was the most cheerful, loving person I've ever known. He always made me feel important. I visited him very often as a child and he always saved his nickels for me. I still think of grand-dad when I see a nickel and it brings such a feeling of love and being loved! Thank you for your story! Deanna Briggs, KY

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