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Dear 2TheHeart family,

I'm sure you are as stunned as I am by the news of devastation in the Mississippi and Louisiana areas that have been completely wiped out by hurricane Katrina. I have researched some ways we can all help directly to make a difference to those people in dire need. Below is a list of things we can do.

**If you have further links, phone numbers, web sites, etc., please send them to me. PLEASE PASS THIS ON. THE MORE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS, THE MORE WILL BE PRAYING AND HELPING.

If you have loved ones in this area, please send any updates or prayers requests to me at and pass this on to anyone you think might benefit. If you are looking for loved ones in this area, you can also send me their names and we will post them in hopes of helping locate them.

We will post all news, updates and prayer requests on 2TheHeart so that they can reach as many people as possible.

One thing we can all do above all else is to pray. Pray for those who are conducting search and rescue operations that they will be guided to those who need them. Pray for those who have lost everything: their homes, food, clothing, and family members. Pray for their comfort and the knowledge that they are not alone and that they are loved. Prayer is a powerful tool and I strongly believe our Father in Heaven will hear and answer our prayers. Look to the list below for other immediate ways you can make a difference in this horrible situation.

My own prayers are constant for all affected by the hurricane and I hope that you can each help me to get the word out with updates and help for them. 2TheHeart will continue to share whatever information we gather, so watch your inbox for further 2TheHeart issues.

Susan Farr-Fahncke


The normally unflappable Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Director Walter Maestri broke into tears as he broadcast a call to help for anyone who could offer food or water to officials at the parish's emergency operations center in Marrero.

Maestri said anyone who can help with the necessities of life for workers at the center can call (504) 349-5360.

Maestri said the water situation is so dire that like many people in the parish and the area, they are trapped in the center.

Since many evacuees are being sent to the Astrodome, this is where blankets, food and water will be needed. Reliant Astrodome

8400 Kirby Dr

Houston, TX 77054

(862) 667-1400

-Humane Society of the United States: at: -(Houston area specifically) The Houston SPCA is extending a helping paw once again to animals impacted by disasters in the United States. Sunday morning, crews from the Louisiana SPCA arrived at the Houston SPCA. The evacuation of the Louisiana SPCA brought over 260 animals from their shelter. Due to the hit from Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region, the Louisiana SPCA moved all animals out of their shelter to the Houston SPCA. People can come by and adopt these Cajun Canines and Cats Monday afternoon.

The Houston SPCA is asking Houstonians to help by bringing by donations of Newspaper, Zip ties/ cable ties, rolls of paper towels, Foil roasting pans (to be used as litter boxes), Travel crates for animals, Bowls, Towels and blankets, 1 gallon bottles of water, Waders

Monetary donations are needed to help us care for the over 260 extra animals in our shelter and to help us help the Louisiana SPCA respond to the needs of the animals still in the area. **Click here to donate now to the Houston SPCA:

Noah's Wish has trained Volunteers throughout the United States and Canada. We will be utilizing trained Volunteers first. Given the size of this disaster though there is a good possibility we will be using Volunteers who have not been through our training. We call individuals who are not already trained Convergent Volunteers. If you would like to be a Convergent Volunteer, please e-mail us:

Your name.

Where you live.

A contact phone number.

A fax number.

The address to send this information to is

-Christian Heritage Church at 2820 Sharer Road off of Monroes Street is open at this time for refugees. The phone number to the church is 850-562-3156 and website The pastor's name is Richard Ledford. They are also aware of other churches in town who will be opening their doors for refugees. There will also be other places of shelter opening.

-The local am radio station 1270 WFLA has a lot of information about where to go. The phone number to WFLA is 850-205-WFLA (9352). The mayor has also asked residents to open their homes to you. We have done this in the past and many people will do it again. We do want to help.

Name: Alex Pack
I am from Pensacola, FL. The town is more than accommodating to evacuees..The Pensacola Civic Center ((850)432-0800) is STILL I repeat STILL accepting evacuees. Here you will find shelter, food, water, etc. The people of Pensacola have been there before and are willing to help in any way....

Deborah Vuicich will relay information for Katrina victims, VIA long distance phone calls to any US location and e-mails Please put Katrina Victim Help in the subject line. e-mail is

We have some techie people that fgured out dalng *67 (Disable Caller ID) before the area code and phone number might makes things easier to get a connection to a 504 area-code land line. If you still have people in New Orleans it might help get in touch ith them.

Cellphone users who share the 504 area code have had difficulty contacting each other in the aftermath of the hurricane. Here's a solution: Text message family and friends to stay in touch.

(504)254-2407 but the stranded cannot call out. They are gathered at the church waiting for help. Water is rising and they are running low on supplies now. Father Vien is the pastor there right now. please help! 5069 willowbrook drive, new orleans, LA 70129

there is a database being developed for people who are missing and may need to be rescued from New Orleans. Call 225-925-6626 to give officials their names. They may also have information about people already rescued. NUMBER IS OFTEN BUSY: KEEP TRYING.

The Salvation Army is accepting monetary donations as well as cleaning supplies. The agency is accepting mops, brooms, bleach, 409 and other bacterial cleaning supplies. They have a crew known as a "Disaster Canteen" on standby for deployment to the hardest hit area.

-THE SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army is currently providing services to storm victims and first responders in the Gulf Coast states.

A $100 donation to The Salvation Army will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies.

Please call 1-888-363-2769.

Connect with Loved Ones: The Salvation Army's Team Emergency Radio Network has been activated. Click here to send a health and welfare request regarding family and friends you otherwise are unable to locate:


***Again, please forward this to everyone you know. The more we reach, the more we have praying and helping and we can also gather information. Send me your prayer requests or the names of those you are searching for, along with any updates on people affected at

Susan Farr-Fahncke

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