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Dear 2TheHeart family,

I have been so touched at the outpouring of people with ideas and offers to help! Please keep praying and please keep forwarding 2TheHeart to as many people as you can think of. The more we reach, the more we can help!

Below are more ways to help, ways to find loved ones in the south, and people looking for loved ones. Please read carefully and help where and how you can. Remember, prayer is the most powerful way we can help!

Blessings, Susan Farr-Fahncke

Registration information on missing family members

Comprehensive list of many ways you can donate, tips on how to help, etc. Really great resource!

--Hi, it is so wonderful what you are doing to help the victims of Katrina. My cousin Verna Donnelly lives in Biloxi at Pass Road and I haven't heard from her since the storm. I have a bad feeling that she might have tried to stay in her house though she was just blocks from the beach. She was living on SS and probably didn't have money to evacuate and most thought they would be safe. I just pray that she is. She told me her house was near the VA Hospital and I keep trying to catch news if it withstood the storm in order to have a little more hope about Verna. Please help me if you can. God bless, Sharlett Hunt

--SEARCHING FOR ANGELS2THEHEART MEMBERS! I have been trying to locate two of my angels2theheart members who live in Gulfport, MS. I have emailed them, but have no response. If they are reading this or if you know them, please email Susan Farr-Fahncke at Their names are DALE WESTBROOK & NELL TURNAGE

Name: rocky lozano

Home: 337-365-1441


Subject: My Hurricane Story -- inflatable liferafts

Story: I have a company in Harvey LA. we have 5-6 inflatable liferafts in stock which can be used to help evacuate. these rafts hold approx. 15-25 people each. pleas contact the above. this note is for officials only.

Bill Ullman writes:

I can provide free accomodation and some financial assistance in a guest cottage on my property in western Maine through December for a victim of the hurricane.

The cottage is suitable for a family with up to two children, or a couple of elderly people. Access to the local public schools is available.

Employment opportunities here are limited, but it is possible to find service industry work at minimum wages. Before accepting anyone, I would want some information confirming the person(s)' situation and character.

=Bill Ullman=
(207) 836-2018

Name: Shari Director of Hotline Programs -2-1-1 Big Bend

Home:(850) 224-6333


Subject: My Hurricane Story -- In Tallahassee I am writing from Tallahassee where I work as the Director of Hotline Programs for 2-1-1 Big Bend - the local crisis and information and referral hotline. I am sorry to hear that you are not experiencing compassion here in our city. Please feel free to call our hotline at 2-1-1 or (850) 224-6333. We can help direct you to the local responses that are happening here. I know that there is a Red Cross shelter open here at the Mormon Chuch at 3717 Thomasville Road and that the Red Cross is prepared to open more shelters if necessary. In additon the United Way will be providing a free meal to any evacuees at the Downtown Getdown on Friday night.

As the local crisis and information and referral hotline we strive to make the public aware of the services that are available in our community. If there are unmet needs as a result of Hurricane Katrina we can communicate this to our local agencies and try to bridge the gap. So again, please call our hotline and we will try to put you in touch with the services that are available. If we don't have a referral to meet your needs you can give us your contact information and we will try to advocate on your behalf.

Sooz, here is our church's hurrican relief page here in West Monroe, Louisiana. We have hurricane victims staying in our town, in some of our homes, and in the surrounding area. Our church's web page is: and click on whichever link, or you can go directly to: or Our church members are helping house and care for many of the victims. Also, for the ones staying at the Convention Center, some of us are washing their clothes, and whatever help we can offer. Sincerely, Rita Spillers

12:15 p.m.: Name: Gretchen Cucurullo Email:

Story: we fled to Monticello,Arkansas. This city has opened its hearts and taken us in,we have free hot meals all day from the local Assembly of God Church,free internet access from Dad's Place,they have a fund raiser going to aid those who have lost everything,they have free shelters open,they have clothing drives. The mayor of the city approached us and welcomed us and offered us any help and the whole city is the KINDEST,Best Place to come to in such dire situation. God Blees & thank Monticello and the many blessings we have received. We can not thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer Requests and Misc. email re: Hurricane

This thing has certainly turned into something horrible. My son David works for Entergy and was sent Sunday to Hammond, LA. He called last night and told me some terrible things and I was so upset and couldn't sleep after that. He is working the area outside of New Orleans trying to restore electricity so the stores and gas pumps will work but the people are so violent until they are having to stay in their trucks and not get out. A guy from the local gas company was stabbed yesterday over 3 bottles of water on his truck's unbelievable. His company is not sending them any help and he hasn't seen a Red Cross truck or any other support in that particular area.

I don't think these people can do their jobs until the police or National Guard can get control of the situation and then maybe it would work but I think they should pull out and head back to at least Alexandria or someplace for now......but maybe I don't understand the big picture. Please remember him in your prayers. Thanks, Beth in Louisiana

We finally talked to Rhea (the nurse at Tulane hospital) this morning. She is exhausted. They have Natl Guard in boats surrounding the hospital and are hoping to get evacuated today (Thurs) or tomorrow. Shannon (her husband) will be going to their home in Kenner Mon if they let people in -to check on their apartment. After watching news reports of people with guns on top of Kenner hospital not letting helicopters land, he is fully expecting his apartment to have been ransacked as they live almost directly across from that hospital. PRAYERS NEEDED, PLEASE!!!

Dear Susan............I too got out a notice of VITAL HELP PLACES to my 180+ personal email buds. I want to thank you for your good list, including my beloved Salvation Army who do so much when disaster strikes. I also have received two phone calls from the US Humane Society. They are in there doing fantastic work. God Bless them all and thank you for your notice (as if anything in our Lord's world could possibly escape your loving attention). Kathe Campbell

This is such an important thing you have posted. I will be praying for all there. I know some of our own angels were living in the area according to those who put themselves on our angel map. So, that would mean lots of relatives there too. I hope they all left before all this. Praying, Millie MacKenzie in Canada

I called the Red Cross this morning, and they said to wait regarding sending items - the people won't really be able to get anything until they are stationed somewhere. They told me the food depositories are already preparing supplies to send, but can't send anything until they get those people out of there. I donated $100.00 for the relief effort...and I told them I have 2 giant garbage bags of good clothes to donate since I lost all of my weight and can no longer fit them. I left my number, so hopefully they'll call when they decide where all of these things can be sent. They also told me that information for donations will be aired on TV news stations. Now if our government will just get up off of their keesters and put forth some effort, that would be a good thing! PattiJo

Dearest Sooz,

BLESS YOUR BIG HEART for this informative letter regarding the recent hurricane victims in Louisiana and Mississippi. After reading over the detailed list, I think the Salvation Army will be my choice for donations, because I know they do what they say they will do....funnel the funds directly to those who need the most assistance.

You are so right about prayer. We MUST remember to pray for all involved...the victims as well as the clean-up crews and rescue workers. No one can get prayed for too much, and prayer is so powerful.

Thank-you, Sooz, for taking the time to send out this wonderful letter today. You're tops in my book!

Love you always,
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