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It's great to be back after my maternity leave! Our new little angel, Ian Jay Fahncke is just adorable and the sweetest little guy! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful cards, ecards and baby gifts - this is one loved baby!

I am excited to share a new story from one of my all time favorite writers -- and people! Mike Segal shares a story about a double-miracle and I know it will lift your heart and make you smile. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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"Double Miracles"
By Michael Jordan Segal, MSW

The woman hugged me so tightly as she asked, "Do you remember me?", after she had knocked on my office door. (My office is located near the waiting room of the Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital.)

"You look very familiar," I replied.

"Well, you see so many people. My daughter had been in a coma after a car wreck almost two years ago. I went to many of your support groups. My daughter is back in the hospital."

Hearing those words, "back in the hospital," I assumed she was in the Trauma section as a result of complications from her car accident nearly two years ago. "I hope she gets better," I replied.

Baffled for a second, her mother soon replied, ", it's not that. SHE'S PREGNANT and delivering here," she explained with glee.

Then it hit me who this woman actually was. "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH," I screamed. I hugged her so tightly as I remembered this woman so vividly. I had been hoping and praying for the daughter's improvement almost two years ago, but not in a "million years" could I have dreamed her mother would be telling me that she was in the maternity section of the hospital!

I remembered her so vividly after the mother jarred my memory. In fact I had even written a story about this family, the support group, and miracles. I went to the obstetric section of the hospital, so happy to be seeing the pregnant patient under these circumstances, as I shared that original story about them with her and her mother:

"Miracles happen every day. I know that. I have seen them as a Social Worker at Memorial Hermann Hospital. I have seen miracles, some small and some huge, happen all the time. Many times I see very tragic cases when an individual is involved in a car accident resulting in the person coming to the hospital in a coma. It is agonizing, especially for the family that tries everything to get their loved one to "wake up."

I attempt to encourage families, but there are times when no amount of encouragement seems to help. However, there are times when that encouragement seems to be the "magic remedy" the family needs. One evening, when I was leading my support group for families in the Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit (NTICU) at the hospital, I noticed a mother who was especially down. The mother explained that her daughter had been brought to the hospital in a coma 11 days earlier as a result of a serious car accident. The mother cried out, "Nothing is helping my daughter, my beautiful daughter. It's been 11 days and she has yet to do anything." With those words she began to weep. She continued, "I would be so happy if she would just show some sign of life, anything."

My heart was breaking for the woman. I told her that "hopefully, soon, your daughter will show some sign of recovery." Then I told the group a true story of what had happened when I first began working at Memorial Hermann Hospital:

"One night a teenager was rushed to the hospital in a coma after being in an automobile accident. His family was at his bedside trying to get him to respond to anything. His father even yelled in vain, "Wake up, wake up. You just won the lottery." However, unfortunately, that trick, like all the family's attempts, failed. But six weeks later that boy suddenly awoke. The boy's first words to his family were: "Where's my money?"

Most of the group laughed. Even that mother smiled. However it's what that mother did after the support group session ended that was so amazing.

The mother went into the unit and screamed to her non-responsive, limp, and comatose daughter: "Wake up, wake up. You just won the lottery."

Perhaps it was a coincidence. Perhaps it was a miracle. However, after 11 days and nights of being completely non-responsive her daughter began to move. Her mother began to cry. True, her daughter was not completely awake but it was a beginning."

That was almost two years ago. Looking down at her in her maternity bed, I thought she had come such a long way.

Yes, miracles do happen all the time. I was so happy that the mother had knocked on my office door.

She told me that her daughter was doing very well, aside from having a shunt [a device that drains excess spinal fluid from her brain] and some minor paralysis in her arm. However, I believe she's doing perfectly!

By the way, she is about to deliver twin girls! She truly won the lottery--a double one at that.

Reflecting back on that day of that accident, I looked towards the Heavens and thanked God for allowing me to be a small part of that miracle, as well as of so many others. I love my job!

2005 by Michael Segal; all rights reserved E-mail: Website:

Shot in the head during a robbery, Michael Jordan Segal defied all odds by first surviving and then returning to college. He then earned two degrees with honors, married his high school sweetheart, Sharon, and became a father to their daughter Shawn. Mike is a social worker at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston and an author (currently he has two book projects he's working on: an autobiography and an anthology of his short stories). He also is a very popular inspirational speaker sharing his "recipe" for recovery, happiness, and success.


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