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"Blessed Miracles" - by Chrishawn Simpson-Macleod


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"Blessed Miracles"
The Glory of God Revealed

by Chrishawn Simpson-Macleod

"The glory of the Lord will be revealed. And all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken." -Isaiah 40:5

December 24th started early for me, as my son, Connor and I drove from Kentucky to Illinois to visit my parents for Christmas.

It was the usual ride with a toddler - constant talking, whining, and unlimited questions. Our travels went smoothly, until we hit a snowstorm. Cars slipped and slid all around us. It was frightening.

As we continued, the weather cleared up and driving was easier. Before I knew it we were only an hour away. "Thank goodness!", I thought.

I hadn't seen my parents since October; excitement overwhelmed me. Then it happened - we got lost. As I switched interstates I wasn't sure which direction to take. Should I head north or south?

"I better call Papa for directions," I muttered.

"I want to go to Nana and Papa's house," whined Connor.

I was frustrated, Connor wouldn't stop fussing, and a red pick up truck, driving in a frenzied state, almost ran us off the road.

Tired of driving and eager to get to my destination, I confirmed which direction I needed to be headed and continued on. Minutes later, unknown to me, I swerved hard to the right, across a lane of traffic.

Oh no! I am going to die, I thought as I slammed on brakes and swerved uncontrollably.

As I crashed into the embankment and flipped over three times, I heard shattering all around me. I couldn't believe what was happening. In a slow blur, my life flashed before my eyes.

Bam! I hit my head.

When I awoke we were upside down. Airbag particles floated in the air, the contents of my car were scattered, items were smashed and mangled, and fluids leaked from my car.

The car is going to blow up, I thought frantically. I have to get out of here.

Oh my Gosh - Connor! I thought. Why isn't he crying?

"Connor!!" I screamed. Silence. I was frantic. My seatbelt had me locked in.

"Oh God, No!" I cried uncontrollably.

Oh no, my baby didn't make it! I thought horridly. I have to find him.

The pressure from the seatbelt hurt my shoulder and my head hurt. I couldn't get my seatbelt unlatched and I started to panic. Then there it was, the best sound I had heard in my entire life - a sweet harmonious cry, my baby's cry.

He's alive. Thank God! I rejoiced.

"I am here Connor, Mommy is coming!" I screamed.

Finally! The seatbelt came undone.

Trying to calm myself down, I went straight for Connor, who was sitting upside down in his car seat.

"Mom-my!!" He cried hysterically.

I reassured him everything would be okay, although I wasn't too sure.

"You're fine, sweetheart," I said soothingly. "Everything is ok."

Then I heard him, the voice of an angel. "Are you in there? Can you hear me?"

"Yes, I am here. Please help me!" I screamed.

"Is anyone in there with you?"

"Yes, my baby is in here. I can't get him out of his car seat!" I slipped further into hysterics. "He's stuck!"

I needed to get Connor and myself out of that car.

"Calm down," the voice said. "Everything will be all right. Help is coming."

Click. The car seat buckle came unlatched. Thud. Connor fell on his head with the buckle around his neck.

As Connor cried in fear, I moved faster. I couldn't get the buckle from around his neck. My hands trembled. Then...swoosh. The buckle went over his head. I scooped him up and climbed out the shattered window.

We made it! I thought as I rocked Connor, while he screamed for his bear that he noticed through the missing window.

I was shivering uncontrollably when he started to hyperventilate.

"My car flipped over," he yelled.

Then he noticed it - my bloody, scratched up, dirty face.

"Mommy hurt her face," he screamed.

"Everything is going to be fine," a policeman said consolingly as he handed him his bear.

The ambulance arrived and took us to the hospital. The ride, examination, and question asking overwhelmed me. A neck brace was put on while I asked about Connor's injuries. My arm was in excruciating pain and wouldn't move! A continuous list of questions ran through my head. I couldn't think straight, I was disoriented and I wanted to go home.

At the hospital, there were many exams given, tests taken, shots given, blood taken, CT scan, and x-rays. Everyone was moving so fast! Doctors and nurses came in to check us, clean my wounds, and exchange information.

My parents rushed to the hospital to be by my side. I can vividly remember the expression on my mom's face when she walked in. She was extremely sad that this terrible thing happened to us; but elated that we hadn't left this earth just yet. We were still here.

Several hours later, we were released. I had multiple injuries; none of which were life threatening. Connor had minor scratches and bruises. God was with us that day, as he always is. We were alive, what a blessing.

Although I felt blessed, I had a hard time dealing with the accident. I was depressed, nervous and worried. I didn't eat, sleep or drive. I was in constant pain. Then one day I was reading my bible and read Psalm 105:5, "Remember the miracles he has done; remember his wonders and his decisions."

Ah! Instant perspective. God chose to leave us here. His glory was revealed and my faith and trust in Him grew stronger.

I learned many things from this unfortunate experience. Most of all I have learned to live life joyously. I was given another opportunity at life, to live passionately and purposefully - to live according to God's purpose. What kind of existence would I have if I didn't?

Chrishawn Simpson-MacLeod 2004

Chrishawn Simpson-MacLeod, a freelance writer and girl reflected, writes inspirational articles on a wide range of topics and self publishes Mom's Big Little HelperT, a magazine that inspires moms to find balance in their lives. She is the owner of and, websites designed to reflect her creative spirit. She lives in Kentucky, with her husband and son and spends her days writing, creating, and enjoying life. Chrishawn is also a member of Angels2TheHeart!


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The Letter Box:

RE: "I Don't Want to be a Mother Today!" Wonderful! Wonderful! With such wonderous awe as I look back on motherhood even at my age as I parented three boys and two girls, foster children, neighbors, and others ---through those growing up years and on into the wonderful awesomeness of grandparenting. All 18 of them.

And now we are 12 going on 14 plus greatsand however many others the Lord chooses to let us enjoy...thanks for the wonderful sharing Sue..God bless and keep you and all you love today and always with HIS angels all round all HUGS Leona

I can remember the times when I didn't want to be a mother - I was a single parent with 2 young babies - but I'll never forget the year they were both in Brownies.....they had to write an essay for Mother's Day - "Why I think my mom should be Mother of the Year". My oldest wrote, "My mom should be mother of the year and next month, she should get father of the year." My youngest wrote, "My mom should be mother of the year because she holds me real tight when we go down the big slide." That year, I not only accepted the Mom of the Year trophy, but also accepted the first place award......I still have those essays and I still read them with pride. Now, I'm waiting to win Grandma of the Year. :) Julie Dyer

Oh my goodness, is right! I too, had barely wiped my tears when I heard myself let out a loud chuckle that started with little Bob. This was a gem of a story, Sue, and it brought back all the precious moments we have had as parents of three beautiful young adults. The hands on the clock truly does and did move quickly. I can honestly say, I regret not once the dust or the cobwebs that sat as I cuddled and played with in my kids. Although our children are grown now, we are not fully empty nested, yet. So, I whispered, after reading your story, "oh, yes there is still more time." Thank you for a Mother's day reminder of the wonder of it all! Ginger Boda -- Counts

Julie Dyer's Message to her Grandma was so touching and uniquely from the heart. It is so difficult to lose those in life who we can relate to and who knows our heart. I really enjoyed this added treat of Letters to Mom. Thanks for sharing. Actually they were all very moving tributes. Love Fran

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