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With stories by 2TheHeart authors Susan Farr-Fahncke, Steve Manchester and Gloria Cassity-Stargel!



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Hard things are put in our way, not to stop us, but to call out our courage and strength.  -- Anonymous




I apologize for the length of time since our last issue of 2TheHeart and I thank those of you who sent emails, asking if everything is okay!  :)   I have simply been swamped, but have made some changes that will hopefully give me more time to focus on my writing and on 2TheHeart!  Today is a really special issue!  Below is a letter that a dear friend of mine received from her son, who is a soldier in Iraq. I found it so moving and so powerful, I couldn't wait to share it on 2TheHeart! I got permission from this soldier's mother, and I must say, this young man is so brave, so intelligent, and so honorable, he really shows the greatness in America's youth!  He makes me even more proud to be an American.  Please keep this valiant soldier and his unit in your prayers!



Dear everybody, 
Good morning. It is the morning of the 17th of May and there is a very big wind storm passing through. The weather had started to climb into the 100's this last week but with a little rain and wind it has calmed down a bit. My unit has been in Baqubah, Iraq for the last two months trying to bring some stability to this part of the world.
This will be my third summer over here, yeah. Since we have been here I have seen things starting to improve, but it seems to be the case that my unit always goes to where the hottest places are in the county to help out whoever the current land owners are. Since we have been over here we spent five months in Mosul, four months in Baghdad, and the last two here in Baqubah. So, I guess that we have been staying on our toes being pulled to the winds. I have to say though- out of everywhere that we have been- I have never seen it this bad. My battalion has lost 11 good men since we have deployed. Two men up in Mosul, two men in Baghdad, and seven men here in Baqubah. We have had about 30-40 return to the states due to wounds received over here. Some are better than others though- as you can imagine. I have had many of my good friends killed, wounded, and just very mentally and physical strained. I have to say that I have more respect for these men that get to serve over here than I do for anyone who has not been here- that could have come to fight for our country. 

I get the privilege or reenlisting next month indefinitely. I have got ten years in so far and plan on going at least another ten before I get out. I have very much enjoyed serving so far. I have done and seen so much. Being in the Army is something that I have wanted to do since I was a kid- that is why I joined and love doing what I do. Currently, I am a platoon sergeant in charge of 20 soldiers and am also serving on the battalion staff as the S3 plans NCOIC. I am not sure if I will stay with this unit or move on to another job or installation.  
I am so proud of my wife and all of the families for being so supportive of me, my men, and all of us that get to serve for our country over here. We have needed and continue to need all of your prayers and blessings from all of you. Thanks you so much for everything. I tell you all that I have an even greater respect for our nation, its flag and what it represents, and everyone that has ever served in the military whatever branch or war they may have served in than ever before. 
Thank you all so much for everything. I would appreciate it if you would continue to keep my family in your prayers also. 

SFC  Gabriel (Last name kept private)


The Letter Box:


Re: Kathe Campbell's "Full Circle" story of adoption


Gday again Sooz

I love the articles on adoption. Maybe because I am an adoptee. My mum (adoptive mum) died last year, aged 89 - 3 days off 90.

There isn't a day that I don't think of her, or miss her. My other mum (birth mum) died in April 2003. At that time, she kept me a secret from her family, yet Anne, my half sister, unwittingly called me - as the son of a friend of her mother's (my mum), to advise that her mum died on 13 April.

I spoke with her for 20 minutes, not even hinting that I was her half brother. (I knew who she was).

I waited to October 2005 before telling her who I was, and who Audrey our mum was to me as well as my mum. It was the hardest wait of my life - when to tell Anne, my half sister.

Tell her I did in October 2005 and since then I can say that I have a lovely sister and have met her, her great husband Muz (and later even our brother Eric and her dad Ken) twice since that October day.

Life does run in circles at times.

God doesn't waste anything in His planning. Good beyond measure can come from what so much is full of pain and heartbreak. In His economy, nothing is wasted. Nothing.

I'm sure there will be many more stories yet.

God bless,  Robert (<:   Australia



Kathe's story in Full Circle is so wonderfully warming and inspiring--a tribute to family love that goes on and on.  How wonderful that she could carry on her birth mother's loving place in the family, how wonderful she also treasures the folks who raised her!  


Blessings, meg

Mary-Ellen Grisham




Beautiful, sad and poignant story of the circle of life. It is true that we travel in a circle and hopefully that continues into the fabric of our heart and souls.


Love Francine Pucillo

    Making a difference, one story at a time!