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May 3, 2004 - "Dear Mom..." by Susan Farr Fahncke

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"We only have One Mom, One Mommy, One Mother in this World, One life. Don't wait for the Tomorrow's to tell Mom, you love her." - Author Unknown


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It's "Mom Week" on 2TheHeart! In keeping with our yearly tradition, send your open letters to the moms, grandmothers, surrogate moms and friends in your life to me at, and we will run them in Friday's special Mother's Day editon of 2TheHeart! For today's story, I am sharing my own open letter to my mom, written today for her birthday. I love you, Mom!

Dear Mom,

I wanted to get you something extra special for your birthday, and I kept coming back to something that Angel had really wanted to get you.

About two or three weeks before she died, she wanted to find you this one special gift. We decided to go in on it together and we went shopping on one of her last outings in search of it.

She wanted to get it at Mervyn's, where she had seen several items along the lines of what we were looking for. So we tromped off to Mervyn's on a sunny spring day. The sky was so pretty and blue, with fluffy white clouds - our favorite kind of day. I still think of her when I see blue skies and fluffy clouds. "It's a gift," she told me. She was right.

So we got to Mervyn's, got her into that blasted wheelchair and off we went, in search of just the right present for our mom, my baby sis with her swollen head, her brain tumor, and me, just tagging along and happy to have this moment with her.

Remember how she used to shop, Mom? Remember how she would look and look and look and LOOK until you wanted to scream, "Just pick something and be done already!" It makes me giggle now, but she was maddening when she shopped!

So we got to the jewelry counter and looked at all the emerald rings. She knew you love emeralds and once a million years ago you mentioned that you had always wanted an emerald ring. You never buy fancy things for yourself, as many moms tend to be this way, I don't think I ever saw you "splurge" on yourself in my entire lifetime.

We looked at ring after ring. We looked at every ring they had. And then we looked again. And again. We tried on, held up to the light, stared at, squinted at, and debated over every single emerald ring. But none of them seemed right.

After we had been there a good two or three hours (maybe it just seemed that long!), we were discouraged because not one of those pretty rings seemed just "right" for you. We didn't know what we wanted, but we agreed that we'd know it when we saw it and we hadn't seen it. We finally went home, feeling depressed, Angel because she couldn't give you what she wanted to for your upcoming birthday, and me because she was so very weak, I knew her time was coming to an end and there wouldn't be another chance to find your ring.

She died a couple of weeks later, finally free of her cancer and of pain and the confines of her earthly body. We were all so happy for her - she had fought a long, hard fight and deserved the rewards awaiting her. We miss her terribly, but she is often with us and we can only imagine how beautiful her life is now.

Which brings me to the present, and your present!

Again, I thought of that ring and how we never found it. I decided that I would try again, so Noah and I set off - of course to Mervyn's in search of it.

I had a bit of déjà vu that day! I looked and looked and LOOKED at every ring they had! Noah was getting antsy and found the ladies' lingerie much more interesting than the jewelry counter. (I worry about that boy!)

Finally, dejected, I realized they didn't have "it". I felt so sad - I had been so SURE I would find just the right ring this time. Then, feeling like Angel, I asked the lady "Do have any more rings at all with emeralds in them?"

The lady behind the counter thought hard and then her face lit up and she said, "Wait!"

She came back with a little box, from who knows where, and she looked pleased as punch. I didn't hold out a lot of hope, I thought this was some ugly reject ring that was hidden away. Then she opened the little box and held it out to me.

Inside the box, nestled in gray satin, there it was. "THE" ring. It had three little emeralds, just like you with your three daughters (aren't we gems?!). The emeralds were separated by two little diamond chips and it was beautiful and perfect. I didn't even have to think about it. I knew this was the ring that three years ago two daughters were desperately trying to find for their mom.

And so, I wish you a very Happy Birthday, not just from me, but from Angel too. This gift is from both of us. We love you.

Susan Farr Fahncke copyright 2004

I am the author of "Angel's Legacy", the founder of 2TheHeart and Angels2TheHeart, and I teach online writing workshops. I am, best of all, Mom to three beautiful children, and they are my greatest joy in life! For more of my writing and book projects, vist my page on 2TheHeart:


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The Letter Box:

Thank you for sharing Kathy's story about living life full with cancer. My Mom has cancer and was told she would die last Dec. She is back home now in her own apartment , living each day the best she can and thankful for them all. Because of her cancer, I entered the hospital in March on my daughter's 14 th birthday. They found that I too had cancer but thankfully, they got it all and nothing had started spreading as caught so early. Now I too go for check ups and all but as with Kathy, I stopped listening to the fears and faced the facts that living life fully is all it is really about.

So Kathy. thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you and keep you close to his heart and bless you with a long and healthy life.

Jana in Nova Scotia

I too had Gods sure makes every day a nice see the sky, hear the birds, be able to enjoy the grandchildren.. we are blessed...

Dear Kathy,
I am currently undergoing chemo treatments for cancer. Your story was exactly what I needed this week. Thank you for uplifting me and sharing your blessings with me. God bless you! Sincerely, Julie

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