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November 22, 2004 - "Thanks Giving" by Sharon Foster


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"Help us to be thankful for this day and every day and treat each one as a precious gem to be filled to the full with meaning and with love." ?Norman Vincent Peale


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Sometimes just being grateful is a blessing in itself. Sharon and her children learned that their blessings are many just by taking the time to count them.

"Thanks Giving"
by Sharon Foster

Last Thanksgiving my children and I joined my friend Portia and her new family, and reminisced over past Thanksgivings, including the year we ate beans and rice in our trailer in rural North Carolina. Several days later, alone in our hotel room, my daughter Lanea, my son Chase and I made a list of the things we had to be thankful for.

It was quite a list: Chase had healed with no visible scars from the head and face wounds he received in a skiing accident. Lanea had started graduate school and had her first apartment and car. Our Chihuahua Punkin had been returned to us after three weeks of futile searching. I had completed my first novel. Portia had celebrated her first anniversary as the wife of a widowed minister and stepmother to his children. Our extended family was well and blessed. My brother Newton was thriving after surviving a bout with cancer, and my mother was recovering from hip replacement surgery. And finally, the lingering grief that we had felt since the death of Chase's father seemed to leave us.

After we finished our thanksgivings, we sang a song in which the singer professes that he came to God and got just what he wanted. He sings about miracles, healing and deliverance. It's a simple chorus, and we sang it over and over. As we sang, a look of surprise came over fifteen-year-old Chase's face. "I just realized," he said, "we really did get what we wanted!"

I smiled and added one more thing to the thanksgiving list: My children have grateful hearts.

It's true - we got just what we wanted.

God, thank You that every day truly is a day of thanksgiving.

Sharon Foster copyright 2001

Sharon is an inspirational writer and mother of two. You can email her in care of 2TheHeart.


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The Letter Box:

Dear Kevin,

I love your story.

I think Bev baked more than delicious bread. As an outsider looking in, she left a legacy in you and your kids through her life and the way she lived. From your writing, I perceive that you had a close & loving relationship.

Isn't life like a recipe? We each have our raw ingredients of talents, abilities and aptitude which, when mixed together, are then placed in the oven of time, relationships and circumstances to become something like the old but mature and able to live on. With Christ as Saviour, that process doesn't stop, it lives on, even beyond death's portal. It is but a stepping stone to a new creation where relationships can take on where they left off and every tear will be wiped away.

I pray that your Thanksgiving for the recipe Bev baked will live on in many and varied ways.

God bless you,
Robert White, Australia

Dear Kevin,
I wonder how many of us just can't wait to get in the kitchen and immediately make a batch of those rolls. Funny, its the little things that bring comfort to the heart. And how lovely that the three of them were able to pray aloud together, not everyone could or would do that. Bless you all,

Margaret Drysdale, England

Dear Kevin,
I cried when I read how you made your wife's and your Mother's recipe for homemade rolls. How sweet of you to share with us and most of all to share with your family not letting the tradition die. I am so sorry you lost your dear wife but I am glad your children have you to see them through all the rough spots.

I am a cancer survivor with grown children and a fine husband. I am so thankful for him and how he has helped me deal with life after such a horrible scare. God bless you and keep you and your children in His care. Nanci Stroupe

Dear Kevin,

Your story at 2theheart today was one that touched my heart but brought a smile and a feeling of gratefulness to me, too. What a beautiful example you set for your children on that first Thanksgiving without your wife, their mother. In addition to all this, you wrote the story beautifully. I'm also a writer, and the way words are used ranks high with me. I look forward to seeing more of your work. And, I'm going to try the roll recipe, too!

Blessings to you and your children, Nancy Julien Kopp

Melodie's story of the coat legacy was a real tear-jerker. How awful for a child to be made to feel that they did not belong. But how wonderful that her grandmother was able to take this lonely time in her life and turn it around to bring love and joy to so many others over the years. She was as a piece of coal that, under pressure, became a beautiful diamond! Linda Newman

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