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Welcome to 2TheHeart!

Today is a very special, one-of-a-kind issue of 2TheHeart!  In order to view today's story, you will need to have your speakers on! (If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please contact me for transcripts at 

Michael Segal is one of the most gifted and inspiring people I have ever been blessed to work with.  He is a living, breathing example of the capacity of the human spirit to overcome and rise above any and all obstacles thrown in life's path.  Knowing Mike will leave you a better person and help you find within your own spirit the desire to do better, to be more.  Mike has been a writer for for several years and continues to lift and inspire everyone he touches.

Mike has been a 2TheHeart favorite author for many years and I am thrilled to present his story on video!  This special presentation can be viewed at the YouTube link below.  Please be sure to reply to this to leave your comments for Mike, or leave feedback at his YouTube video page!  I promise you that viewing Michael Segal's story will make a tremendous difference in your day! 


Michael Segal: A Story of Hope and Inspiration



Susan Farr Fahncke




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