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September 11, 2004 - September 11th Memorial Issue


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"The more profoundly we study this wonderful book [the Bible], and the more closely we observe its divine precepts, the better citizens we will become and the higher will be our destiny as a nation." ~William McKinley


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I apologize for not being able to send this last Friday! I am taking a year-long Leadership Academy for the Deaf program (to learn how to be a community leader for the deaf and an advocate for my deaf son) and my first workshop began Friday. I still wanted to share this edition with our readers and I hope it blesses you this week.


Loved ones trapped inside

With nowhere to hide

When the buildings fall down

And tumble to the ground

Men go rushing in to save

People from a fiery grave

And some never come out

Though the people cry and shout

And people jumping to escape

From a fate worse than rape

Holding hands as they leap

Down into a flaming heap

Oh, the death toll is high

All the people asking why

Why did it happen here?

So much anguish and fear

Little ones without dads

Eyes so incredibly sad

Husbands without wives

Oh, the senseless loss of lives!

A day of tragedy and sorrow

But hope will come tomorrow

Because we are not alone

God is still on the throne!

And he sees our devastation

He feels our frustration

In His arms is consolation

For the hurting population

He sees the mother by herself

Surrounded by pictures on a shelf

Oh, He knows she hurts inside

Like a part of her has died

He's touched by her grief

He longs to bring relief

If she'd open up her heart

New life He'd impart

There is nothing He can not do

If only you would ask Him to

No heart that He can't heal

No pain that He can't feel

For He loves us everyone!

Or He wouldn't have sent his Son!

Satan may have won today!

But God will put him away!

Oh Satan & Ben Ladin will hide

When He comes in the sky

The battle may be done

But the war's already won

Through Jesus, the Holy One

Laura Strnad copyright 2002

Laura Strnad writes from a farm in northeast Wisconsin. She enjoys reading and listening to gospel music. Her e-mail is  


So Many Souls by Linda Newman

So many souls he carried home that day,
For this, he knows, someone will surely pay;
He tried to take as many as he could,
Holding, comforting each along the way.

They came to him in endless bloody streams,
Amid the chaos and horrific screams,
As towers fell and fires burned that day,
An ending to so many hopes and dreams.

This angel's sorrow knew no earthly bounds,
As carefully he picked through rubble's mounds,
Not wanting to leave any soul behind
Amid the fire of hatred's battlegrounds.

He cradled each one close beneath his wings,
Each mangled body tearing at heartstrings;
He knew that angels weren't supposed to cry,
But unprepared was he for hatred's stings.

Hour after hour, for many days, he flew
From Earth to Heaven and back, because he knew
That more souls would be waiting for him there
Each morning as the day would dawn anew.

Not one soul would he chance to leave behind
For Satan's evil denizens to find,
Though weary to a point beyond belief,
He did it for His love of humankind.

And finally his tireless task was done
And he was satisfied that every one
Was now delivered safe to Heaven's gates;
Yet he knew that the war had just begun.

For Satan's legions hadn't any fears,
The battle would rage on for many years,
And finally he hung his head and wept;
And doused the fires below with angel's tears.

Linda Newman copyright 2002  

Linda is a finalist in the 2TheHeart poetry contest both this and last year! Read more of her work here:


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