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September 15, 2005 - New from the Gulf Coast

Today is the deadline to enter the 2005 2TheHeart Poetry Contest!

Dear 2TheHeart Family,

Just a brief note to let everyone know I am back from my trip to Mississippi! What an amazing journey it was! I saw so much and have a thousand stories to tell! I'm working on writing about it in my "free" time, which is precious little, but I will share my experiences soon!

I know many of you are worried about the family I told you about, and I am thrilled to say, they are okay! I had such a wonderful visit - I didn't want to leave! They all made me feel so loved and they are now a part of my heart forever. They are just the dearest, most wonderful people I have ever known. Their home was protected and if you saw their neighborhood, you would have NO doubt that our prayers protected them. So many miracles along the way -- I don't even have the words to describe what I saw! The people in the south are such good people - I will always cherish my time there and I hope to go back soon. More donations came in after I left, so I am going to start a new fund and continue to raise money - the need there is so great and will be for a very long time. I'd like to go back and take more supplies in a couple of months.

Watch for a new fundraising project for the victims of the hurricane here! My favorite graphic designer, Anne Goodrich is working on a logo for a new T-Shirt fundraiser, so that will be available soon! Thank you all so very much for your donations - I was so touched! I am shown over and over again how good people are!

Susan Farr-Fahncke


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