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Poetry Contest Update!  Because one of our Poetry Contest panel judges has been having a family crisis, we have moved the date we will be announcing winners.  Look for winning poetry to be announced Monday, Nov. 26th! Thank you for your patience!

I pray that each of you have a blessed and peace-filled Thanksgiving! I am thankful for our 2TheHeart readers and writers and hope that today's story reminds you to show the gratitude you feel in your heart.  Blessings, Susan Farr-Fahncke

by Melva Cooper
"I give you thanks,O Lord, with all my heart..."  Psalm 138:1 (NLT)
My husband took our ten year-old granddaughter, Mary Kathryn, fishing.  It was a beautiful summer day.  The temperature was in the upper 70's and the humidity was way down.
The lake at the end of our cove was glistening from the bright sun shining on the water.  Mary Kathryn could hardly wait to drop her fish bait into the water.  She was remembering a few weeks prior when they returned with seven fish.  But that day was different.  After about an hour they decided the fish were not hungry at that time and came on home empty-handed.
Nevertheless, Mary Kathryn expressed her gratefulness.  "Thank you, Granddad," she said to him more than once.  Just a little while later he took her to meet her mom.  Mary Kathryn leaned over, kissed her Granddad on the cheek, and told him thank you one more time.  My husband was so pleased.
I thought about how thanksgiving is woven through the Psalms.  Praise should be an integral part of our communication with our Heavenly Father.  He is so pleased when we praise and thank Him for our material and spiritual blessings.  We must always remember to thank Him for answered prayer.  God's provision should never be taken for granted.
Granddad was happy when MaryKathryn showed her love to him through thanksgiving. God, too, would love to hear you say, "I give you thanks , O Lord, with all my heart."
Melva Cooper
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